Freqently Asked Questions

  • What resolution and specs should I send my files in as?

    We suggest that you work from the beginning on a properly calibrated monitor with correct ICC profiles to soft proof your images.  Because of the very slight differences in monitors and ambient lighting that’s why we made a small test print available to your print job on us.  In addition, we suggest your files to be the highest DPI resolution possible: up to 300DPI in 16 bit channel with RGB1998 colour mode, and file type of JPEGs or TIFFs.  If you need any more assistance preparing the files let us know.  We also offer image processing services.

  • Is my file resolution enough to print large? How large can I print?

    This depends on a number of factors; from its original resolution that the image was captured in, to how large and what media you want to print on.  There might be a creative solution, either in the image processing, or in the paper specifications and size.  Bring up any concerns or questions you might have during our consultation.

  • What is soft proofing?

    Soft proofing predicts and simulates what your image will look like printed with the specific printer and print media on a calibrated monitor.  This involves downloading and installing the specific ICC profile for the media you want your images to be printed on and choosing that profile in your “proof setup” options.

  • How do I send my files?

    There are a number of ways to get your large print files to us:
    ・Drop by our studio with your files on a CD, DVD, USB thumb drive or external hard drive.
    ・Upload your files to an online drive and share the link with us (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, WeTransfer)

  • Do you have any examples of past prints or paper samples?

    Come check out our studio located in the Lower Junction/Dundas West.  Or for a quick peek at some of our past work check out our Instagram or Facebook page.  To ensure we can offer you our full attention to your print consultation it is best to book an appointment with us before coming by.

  • Do you offer gift certificates?